FtM Surgeons
Dr. Toby R. Meltzer
1. This entry last updated:
Date - 07/07/2012

2. The Surgeon and his/her Office/Clinic.
Surgeon's Full Name: - Toby R Meltzer
Office/Clinic Name: - n/a
Office/Clinic Address: - 7025 N.Scottsdale Road
Address Line 2: - Suite # 302
City/Town: - Scottsdale
State/Province: - AZ
ZIP/Postal Code: - 85253
Country: - USA
Email Address: - info@tmeltzer.com
Phone Number: - 480.657.7006

3. Surgeon's website complete URL.

4. Facility where the surgeries are performed.
Name of Facility: - Greenbaum Surgery Center
Facility Address: - 3535 N. Scottsdale Road
City/Town: - Scottsdale
State/Province: - AZ
ZIP/Postal Code: - 85251

5. Best way to contact the surgeon.

6. If the best way to contact is a Contact Person/Liaison;
Contact Person Full Name: - none
Email Address: - n/a
Phone Number: - n/a

7. The surgeon's training and licensing.
Training: http://www.tmeltzer.com/Toby%20R%20Meltzer/education.html
Licensing: http://www.tmeltzer.com/Toby%20R%20Meltzer/board_staff.html

8. Associations the surgeon belongs to and awards the surgeon has received.
Oregon Medical Association American Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons James D. Rives Surgical Society Oregon Society of Plastic Surgeons 1994-96 Secretary, Treasurer 1996-98 President

9. Trans* workshops/conferences/advocacy the surgeon conducts and/or attends.

10. Specific FtM top surgeries the surgeon performs.
Double Incision Bilateral Mastectomy with Free Nipple Graph
Chest Contouring

11. Specific FtM bottom surgeries the surgeon performs.
Testicular Implants
Clitoral Release
Suitcase Handle Phalloplasty
Glands Sculpting
Erectile Device Implant
Mons Resection. ALSO: "Dr. Meltzer works with Dr. Burt Webb (Gynecologist) for hysterectomy, oophorectomy and vaginectomy and other gynecological procedures and Dr. Mitchell Kaye (Urologist) for complex urethral procedures and repairs."

12. How long has the surgeon has been performing FtM surgeries?
22 Years

13. How many FtM surgeries has the surgeon performed?
"Dr. Meltzer performs approximately 200 Genital Reconstruction Surgery (GRS) cases per year."

14. What is the surgeon's revision rate?

15. What is the surgeon's complication rate?

16. What should a perspective patient have ready before first contacting the surgeon?
Dr. Meltzer adheres to the same guidelines and principles of WPATH, so patient may need to have therapist letter.

17. What does the surgeon require for surgery?

18. What are the general pre-op instructions given by the surgeon?

19. What are the general post-op instructions given by the surgeon?

20. What is the approximate wait time for a surgery date?
Depends on surgeon and patient schedule. May be able to claim canceled appointments.

21. What is the approximate cost of surgery and what does that price cover?

22. What payment and financing options are accepted?
Money Order
Master Card
American Express
Insurance Patient Handles Claim
Insurance Surgeon Office Handles Claim
Medical Fianancing.com.
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