FtM Surgeons
Our focus at this time is a complete list of the surgeons around the country and world that perform FtM surgeries, with comprehensive standardized reviews, so we can separate
talent and service from personality.

*Right now we want to leave the information, forum,
  chat and support groups to others. 

*This site is about  the information and reviews of
       surgeons who do FtM surgeries.

*We are undecided if we want to have a picture area
       as there are already several sites with them.

*To get this site up and running and to keep it up-to-
       date will require people sending in information and
       rating the surgeons.

*The entries are dated so you know the age
       of the information.

*You will find the reviews, if any, in a searchable
      format by clicking here. You will be taken to the
      compiled comprehensive reviews, you can search by
      any one of the review questions and/or answers.

The information provided on this site is provided by the community and is only as accurate as the person providing the information had access to at the time they provided it. It is here to help you find and decide on a surgeon for your needs. Once you have chosen a surgeon, it is in your best interest to make sure the information is up-to-date and suits your needs. If you find any information that needs to be updated or corrected, please provide us the information so that it can be corrected. Thank you.
Our site is growing now. We need your help.
Please Add and/or Review a Surgeon.

Let’s build a site that is easy to use
and provides the information we need about
the surgeons that serve our community.